Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Injury bug has arrived

The Tribe has been hit hard with the injury bug, losing some of there best hitters and fielders. With Santana, Super Manahan, and Asdrubal out with injuries, the Indians had to look to there back ups for support. Jose Lopez and Juan Diaz came to play and we didn't lose a step yesterday against the Royals. Tomlin came off the DL and pitched a great game going five innings and only letting up four runs. The big name to follow though this injury plague, is Jason Kipnis. Kipnis had three hits in the game to go along with his two RBI's. He has been red hot and is carrying the team on his shoulders right now. Chris Perez has came through big time too, after calling out the fans. He recorded his 17th save of the season. If the tribe can continue to play like they did yesterday they wont have to worry about teams sweeping them anymore.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Calling out the Fans

With the Indians in first place was Perez right for calling out the fans for not showing up to the games?  I agree that the total attendance is down from last year but I've heard that many people think that it is just too pricey at the games. Also how many people can drop what they are doing or call off work to go to a Monday afternoon game. I don't think too many people can do that. Perez went a little to far when he started to mention the fans. If they keep winning an as the summer months approaching more and more people will begin to fill the seats at Progressive Field. The ballpark needs to help the fans to by maybe lowering the prices of beer and food or have give aways that help with the price of tickets. I went to a game recently and a 24oz. can of Labatt Blue was $10. That is just crazy. If you have two of those then you wont have enough to buy a hot dog and fries. The prices have just seemed to sky rocket and that is not helping the attendance at all. They need to remember that not everyone is working and that times are tough now. I do think though that the attendance will get better with time and people will watch their beloved Indians as they keep a strong grip on first place in the central division. Time is on our side here in Cleveland, it always has been.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

No more rookie quarterbacks. Bring in a Veteran

It looks like Colt McCoy has a hazy future here in Cleveland. No top dogs are speaking with him or evaluating his season. He is still out with a concussion and wont play against the Steelers this week. So what does this mean? The Browns have a big decision to make this next coming year with the quarterback position. Possibly having the fourth pick in the draft they can go with RGIII. I wouldn't like this pick at all. Why bring in another rookie? What makes people think that a rookie with no experience in the NFL will take THIS TEAM to the playoffs. We have no line or receivers. We need to find a veteran quarterback in free agency. The Browns need someone who has a good track record, not a Jake Delhomme, they need someone who understands the game. I know that RGIII might be good, but not in Cleveland as a rookie. We have ruined so many rookie quarterbacks that its time to find a crafty veteran to lead this team. I don't think that it is Colt's fault for his sub par season. We don't have an O-Line and we were tied for most dropped passes in the league. Maybe with our pick we should get a lineman or a deep threat receiver, no more 5'10" guys we need a 6'5" guy. Maybe the head honchos will realize that we have a threat like that in Evan Moore, but we don't seem to play him nearly as much as he should. I don't know what to say. Maybe during the playoffs our front office will watch and see how real teams play football.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Andrew Luck got cheated

Does anyone else feel like Andrew Luck got the Heisman taken away from him last night. I feel like he did. I understand that RGBIII is a great athlete, I'm not taking anything away from the kid, but I think that it was Luck's to win. He is a senior and "the Peyton Manning" of college football. Without him his team loses. So that should have made him win hands down. RGB has play makers around him to help the team if he was to go down. I'm just a little mad that it wasn't Andrew Luck hoisting the hardware last night.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Why don't the Browns try something new?

It seems that the browns can't find an answer on offense. They don't have a number 1 receiver, a running back or a line. Colt is running for his life every time he touches the the ball. He has no pocket to pass from and even when he gets the ball away no one is there to catch it. It seems that this west coast offense is not working for the Browns at all. I think it is time to try a new approach before we really embarrass ourselves on national T.V. We need to go back to the offense we had last year. Now i know that Payton is out but maybe we can use the backs we have. The line is terrible too but since Steinbach went down but maybe we just need Shurmur to kick them in the ass. We have a quarterback I think? He just needs time in the pocket to find a receiver to throw too. Hopefully next year we will get the tools we need to make this team somewhat  descent.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

College athletes never learn

Well it happened again. Three star players on the number 1 college team in the nation, LSU, got suspeneded for testing positive for synthetic weed. Tyrann Mathieu, one of the nations top corner's, Spencer Ware, and Tharold Simmon. all are suspeneded for the home game against Auburn.  Why do these players think that they will get away with using weed. everyone who does it gets caught and gets in trouble. Maybe its becuase they dont care. thats probably a pretty good guess. they know that if they get caught they will still get drafted. becuase the owners and the comissioner of the NFL are spineless and cant tell the players "NO".  It just sends the young players who watch these guys and idolize these players that it doesnt matter if you do the wrong thing.  No one on the sports networks will call out aby of these players and embarress them. They should lose their scholarships for any action that is a crime. This second chance bullshit is getting out of hand. there are guidelines for second chances.  Top people are making these players immortal. this isnt a good thing becuase its making these idiots think they are bigger then they really are. Any child athlete would give their right arm to have the talent that these players have and the college players seem to always abuse their power and send the wrong message by screwing up time and time again.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Professional Sports are getting out of hand

Wow! Now this is getting to be to much. Terrelle Pryor is getting an hour long special on ESPN to see if he is NFL ready. This punk should be out of the lime light. But wait thats not how pro sports handle things. They like to shine the light on a trouble maker. Instead of putting this kid down and scolding him for his actions whilehe played in college, we are putting him on national television. He brought down a university and made a coach lose his job. His apology was so bogus and fake. It was such a slap in the face to Tressel and OSU. He doesn't care whgat he did, he just wants to make the big bucks. Just like Reggie Bush and Cam Newton. They are the biggest disgrace to the college game. Especially Bush, he gave back the most prestiges award in college football because he couldn't follow the rules. Newton is going to be right behind him I'm sure.So what does this show young kids these days? That you can do anything that is wrong and still make it to the next level. Such garbage. Lets look back on pro sports though. Start with Ron Artest. This moron goes into the stands and starts beating up a fan becuase he through a cup at his head. Why did the fan throw the cup? Becuase Artest decided to lay down on the scorers table becuase he got into a fight on the court. The fan did the right thing. He's there to watch the game not a guy sleeping. But was Artest thrown out of the league? NO WAY! Stern wasn't going to do that he's spineless. Oh ya, and during Artest's apology to the league and fans he decides to promote his rap album. Ya he is a real stand up guy. PAC-Man Jones is another felon who had three chances in the league. He got in trouble for allegedly shooting a gun in to a strip club THREE different times. I can believe he wasn't kicked out after the first time. Wait, yes I can. Donte Stallworth kills a man while he is drunk and high and he is still playing. Now it looks like Plaxico Burress will rejoin the league too after accidentally shooting himself in the leg while he was in a night club. This league is way to lenient on this second chance crap. It is a privalage to play in any professional sport not a right. So these jerks better start making the right decisions. They need to be role models for the kids who look up to them.