Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Professional Sports are getting out of hand

Wow! Now this is getting to be to much. Terrelle Pryor is getting an hour long special on ESPN to see if he is NFL ready. This punk should be out of the lime light. But wait thats not how pro sports handle things. They like to shine the light on a trouble maker. Instead of putting this kid down and scolding him for his actions whilehe played in college, we are putting him on national television. He brought down a university and made a coach lose his job. His apology was so bogus and fake. It was such a slap in the face to Tressel and OSU. He doesn't care whgat he did, he just wants to make the big bucks. Just like Reggie Bush and Cam Newton. They are the biggest disgrace to the college game. Especially Bush, he gave back the most prestiges award in college football because he couldn't follow the rules. Newton is going to be right behind him I'm sure.So what does this show young kids these days? That you can do anything that is wrong and still make it to the next level. Such garbage. Lets look back on pro sports though. Start with Ron Artest. This moron goes into the stands and starts beating up a fan becuase he through a cup at his head. Why did the fan throw the cup? Becuase Artest decided to lay down on the scorers table becuase he got into a fight on the court. The fan did the right thing. He's there to watch the game not a guy sleeping. But was Artest thrown out of the league? NO WAY! Stern wasn't going to do that he's spineless. Oh ya, and during Artest's apology to the league and fans he decides to promote his rap album. Ya he is a real stand up guy. PAC-Man Jones is another felon who had three chances in the league. He got in trouble for allegedly shooting a gun in to a strip club THREE different times. I can believe he wasn't kicked out after the first time. Wait, yes I can. Donte Stallworth kills a man while he is drunk and high and he is still playing. Now it looks like Plaxico Burress will rejoin the league too after accidentally shooting himself in the leg while he was in a night club. This league is way to lenient on this second chance crap. It is a privalage to play in any professional sport not a right. So these jerks better start making the right decisions. They need to be role models for the kids who look up to them.

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