Thursday, December 29, 2011

No more rookie quarterbacks. Bring in a Veteran

It looks like Colt McCoy has a hazy future here in Cleveland. No top dogs are speaking with him or evaluating his season. He is still out with a concussion and wont play against the Steelers this week. So what does this mean? The Browns have a big decision to make this next coming year with the quarterback position. Possibly having the fourth pick in the draft they can go with RGIII. I wouldn't like this pick at all. Why bring in another rookie? What makes people think that a rookie with no experience in the NFL will take THIS TEAM to the playoffs. We have no line or receivers. We need to find a veteran quarterback in free agency. The Browns need someone who has a good track record, not a Jake Delhomme, they need someone who understands the game. I know that RGIII might be good, but not in Cleveland as a rookie. We have ruined so many rookie quarterbacks that its time to find a crafty veteran to lead this team. I don't think that it is Colt's fault for his sub par season. We don't have an O-Line and we were tied for most dropped passes in the league. Maybe with our pick we should get a lineman or a deep threat receiver, no more 5'10" guys we need a 6'5" guy. Maybe the head honchos will realize that we have a threat like that in Evan Moore, but we don't seem to play him nearly as much as he should. I don't know what to say. Maybe during the playoffs our front office will watch and see how real teams play football.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Andrew Luck got cheated

Does anyone else feel like Andrew Luck got the Heisman taken away from him last night. I feel like he did. I understand that RGBIII is a great athlete, I'm not taking anything away from the kid, but I think that it was Luck's to win. He is a senior and "the Peyton Manning" of college football. Without him his team loses. So that should have made him win hands down. RGB has play makers around him to help the team if he was to go down. I'm just a little mad that it wasn't Andrew Luck hoisting the hardware last night.