Thursday, December 29, 2011

No more rookie quarterbacks. Bring in a Veteran

It looks like Colt McCoy has a hazy future here in Cleveland. No top dogs are speaking with him or evaluating his season. He is still out with a concussion and wont play against the Steelers this week. So what does this mean? The Browns have a big decision to make this next coming year with the quarterback position. Possibly having the fourth pick in the draft they can go with RGIII. I wouldn't like this pick at all. Why bring in another rookie? What makes people think that a rookie with no experience in the NFL will take THIS TEAM to the playoffs. We have no line or receivers. We need to find a veteran quarterback in free agency. The Browns need someone who has a good track record, not a Jake Delhomme, they need someone who understands the game. I know that RGIII might be good, but not in Cleveland as a rookie. We have ruined so many rookie quarterbacks that its time to find a crafty veteran to lead this team. I don't think that it is Colt's fault for his sub par season. We don't have an O-Line and we were tied for most dropped passes in the league. Maybe with our pick we should get a lineman or a deep threat receiver, no more 5'10" guys we need a 6'5" guy. Maybe the head honchos will realize that we have a threat like that in Evan Moore, but we don't seem to play him nearly as much as he should. I don't know what to say. Maybe during the playoffs our front office will watch and see how real teams play football.

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