Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Calling out the Fans

With the Indians in first place was Perez right for calling out the fans for not showing up to the games?  I agree that the total attendance is down from last year but I've heard that many people think that it is just too pricey at the games. Also how many people can drop what they are doing or call off work to go to a Monday afternoon game. I don't think too many people can do that. Perez went a little to far when he started to mention the fans. If they keep winning an as the summer months approaching more and more people will begin to fill the seats at Progressive Field. The ballpark needs to help the fans to by maybe lowering the prices of beer and food or have give aways that help with the price of tickets. I went to a game recently and a 24oz. can of Labatt Blue was $10. That is just crazy. If you have two of those then you wont have enough to buy a hot dog and fries. The prices have just seemed to sky rocket and that is not helping the attendance at all. They need to remember that not everyone is working and that times are tough now. I do think though that the attendance will get better with time and people will watch their beloved Indians as they keep a strong grip on first place in the central division. Time is on our side here in Cleveland, it always has been.

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  1. I agree, the fans will come once the success continues.