Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Injury bug has arrived

The Tribe has been hit hard with the injury bug, losing some of there best hitters and fielders. With Santana, Super Manahan, and Asdrubal out with injuries, the Indians had to look to there back ups for support. Jose Lopez and Juan Diaz came to play and we didn't lose a step yesterday against the Royals. Tomlin came off the DL and pitched a great game going five innings and only letting up four runs. The big name to follow though this injury plague, is Jason Kipnis. Kipnis had three hits in the game to go along with his two RBI's. He has been red hot and is carrying the team on his shoulders right now. Chris Perez has came through big time too, after calling out the fans. He recorded his 17th save of the season. If the tribe can continue to play like they did yesterday they wont have to worry about teams sweeping them anymore.

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